Book Private Lessons!

Use our private lessons to start a project, finish a project, complete alterations or learn a new skill.

Have a special sewing project where you need expert help? Have a new sewing machine or serger and don’t know how to use it? Need a one-on-one session to learn or brush up on fashion design, draping, patternmaking or illustration skills?

Then private lessons are for you. All sessions are one-on-one with the appropriate experienced apparel professionals.

Private Sewing Lessons are available: Monday – Friday.
Patternmaking Tuesday + Thursday
Couture/Tailoring/Handsewing Monday + Tuesday
Serger/Sewing Knits Lessons Wednesday + Thursday + Friday


Need a refresher on your Optitex skills?  We also have Optitex private lessons for you.  $60/hour, minimum of 2 hours. Please email us at for more information on Optitex Lessons.

NOTE: Private lessons have a 24-hour cancellation policy.  Please don’t forfeit your fee and waste the instructor’s time.  Let us know 24 hours before the lesson if you can’t make it so someone else can use that time.

For more information on these lessons:

Basic Sewing
Basic Tools-Knits